Having a major sewage mishap is not the greatest event with which anyone would wish for. Most people won't have to suffer the indignity of a broken or backed up sewer pipe, but if you do, it is not a cleanup job that you will want to tackle by yourself.

Actually, it could be quite dangerous if you were to attempt to clean things up by yourself, as raw sewage contains such nasty creatures as e-Coli, Salmonella, a host of parasites and many other nasty diseases and problems.

If you do have a sewage breakout, consider it to be an emergency and vacate the premises immediately, as even breathing the sewage fumes can cause serious implications, as high levels of gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and industrial solvents which can displace the oxygen in the air.

A professional sewage cleanup company should be contacted right away and they should be on the spot as quickly as possible while you and your family move out temporarily and stay with friends, relatives or at a local hotel. The sewage breach is then repaired and checked for workmanship and tightness.

The first thing the sewage restoration company will do will be to get all of the liquid out that they can, and they will vacuum it out into a tanker truck for disposal elsewhere. Then of course, you are left with all of your belongings that were affected by the sewage which will then have to be treated and decontaminated or disposed of.

Such things as carpeting and padding, furniture such as couches and overstuffed chairs, draperies, and other low lying items will have to be disposed of due to their inability to be sanitized. The electric may have to be rewired, drywall and wallboard torn out, thrown away and rebuilt, and all of this depending upon how deep the level of the sewage rose to.

Once all of the items that need to be disposed of are thrown out, then the area has to be totally sanitized and sterilized. If one bacterium is left from the sewage, you will have problems from then on. All mold must also be killed and eradicated.

Once any surface that could possibly hold contaminants is cleaned or disposed of, the what needs to be rebuilt, such as walls, studs, drywall, etc. is built painted, and finished. Painting is done, and new furniture and draperies are brought in.

Then the area is checked and rechecked, and when your family is ready to move back into the house you and they can be assured that there will be no illness from the sewage.