Mold that is dangerous can be a silent problem which many times is not discovered until it has grown to huge proportions. Mold needs three conditions in which to properly grow and those three conditions are a source of moisture, a dark place, and an area where there is no moving air.

If you find mold in your home or business in any quantity, you should leave it alone and call in an expert mold remediation company. If you disturb the mold, you could cause it to spread. Mold puts off spores that float in the air, and they can be inhaled and grow in the sinus cavities, throat and lungs.

Mold is a fuzzy, plant-like substance that can grow from a tiny patch on the backside of a wall to covering the entire wall in a matter of weeks. That is why once it is discovered, it is vital to get down to business and call in an expert.

Once the mold remediation and restoration experts arrive, they will probably take samples of the mold to determine what kind it is. Mold comes in various colors, from green, brown, orange, yellow and black. Black mold is considered to be one of the most virulent and the most difficult to get rid of.

Once the mold type is discovered, the treatment can be determined for that particular type of mold. Simply wiping mold off of a surface will not get the job done because mold has tentacles or roots that attaches the mold to a surface. Mold can literally grow on any surface with the exception of glass. Any porous surface such as wood, paper, concrete, cloth and other surfaces are perfect for mold.

Mold is always traveling through the air and when it finds its perfect conditions, it will take hold. Basements, attics, crawl spaces, backs of closets and other secluded places are areas where you are likely to find mold. If you see some mold on one side of a wall, you should suspect the the other side is completely covered.

A leaky shingle may be all that is needed for mold to take hold and grow out of control very quickly. Periodically walk around your home and check spaces where mold might be present, covering your mouth and nose as you go. If you find any present, don't hesitate to call in a mold remediation expert to help you with getting rid of it.